My first projects were realized with MSF (Microsoft Solution Framework), which I had been working with at Damgaard in Denmark since 1997. It quickly became clear that MSF was not very suitable for ERP implementations. Starting in 2002, I decided on the agile Scrum idea in conjunction with Prince2 and then completed the necessary courses. Subsequently, Prince2 was replaced by Microsoft Sure Step in 2007.

I was an early advocate of the agile Scrum approach – which eventually led to my Scrum Master certification in 2010. Since then I use a mixture of agile scrum, possibly Kanban in connection with the documents of Microsoft Sure Step, BPM like VISIO, BIZAGI or ARIS and use BALSAMIQ as a mockup tool.

My PM experience covers business areas such as wholesale, lean production, trade, warehousing, electronics, food testing, telecom repair centers and company sizes up to 80 clients in Europe and the USA.

My project management activities include new installations, upgrade projects, end-to-end projects in ERP development and implementation. From small internal software development projects to ERP implementations, where I was responsible for planning – budget management – risk management – timely implementation including testing, training and UAT including project completion. Escalation management, reporting and close communication with stakeholders have always been part of my activities, as well as necessary mediations in conflicts that could endanger the project.

But I also know the tasks of a subproject manager – responsible for end2end subprojects, e.g. in PTP, OTC, WHM, input/output management or production. With full responsibility for budget, implementation, control, testing, training and completion on schedule. Project management in software development with external partners including development in India. In one of my last projects (15 months duration), the task was to provide standardized financial data from > 40 clients based on AX 3.0, AX4.0 AX 2009, AX 2012/R3 from all 5 continents for SAP CBI.

Benefit from my many years of experience and let us arrange a non-binding meeting.